About Our Work

What we do                                                                                                                                                                              

We enable people to conduct their job professionally

We make sure knowledge is further transferred into Behavioral Change

We provide Face to Face training opportunity in a Safe Learning Environment

We use Proven Tools for effective learning

About Clinical Research School

More and more patients in the world need new, safe & cost effective treatments. Clinical Research Professionals make it happen.

In Clinical Research School LearningCOMpass provides Training and Developmental Support
for Professionals involved in Clinical Research

Why we do it

We aim to contribute to the development of healthcare for the benefit of patients worldwide.  As Learning & Development Professionals with 20+ years experience in pharmaceutical industry, we can have the most impact by teaching people: i.e. provide the knowledge and the skills they need and guide them how to put it in practice.
Research has shown that the mere knowledge about methods, rules and guidance for conducting clinical research will not automatically lead to responsible behavior when daily challenges occur as information/knowledge is not enough to trigger or change certain behaviors. Just imagine how many people are aware about the obvious benefits of healthy lifestyle – but only considerable minority of them is able to implement it for themselves. This is because opinions, attitudes and values also influence our behavior. Knowledge starts to affect behavior only if people are able to put information into context of their own environment, and understand fully the consequences of their actions. And this is what we aim for our delegates.

During our courses we do utilize ALL SOURCES OF LEARNING which complement each other:

- encouraging delegates’ curiosity
- enabling learning via trial – experiencing error or success (practice)
- playing games (having fun) and
- using critical thinking (reflection)

We do not offer the "quick wins" and traditional knowledge based interventions. What we offer is the long term benefit and maximum return of investment in development of the most valuable asset - people. We provide development having lasting influence, and innovative learning solutions with a focus on behavioral impact.

We believe that human beings operating in a professional way bring advancement to any area of human efforts.

Meet the Professionals


MSc. Pharm. Jana Gransier             Ed.S.Alyona Kulikova           MSc. Psych. Katerina Duskova

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