Management, Team & Personal Development

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Management Development  -  junior, advanced and senior level

Appraisal and Interviewing Skills, 1 day

Managing Performance, 1 day

Becoming a First Line Manager, 1 day

Manager ABC, 3 days

Conduct Professional Briefings, Meetings & Conferences, 1 day

How to Manage Change, 1 day

Train the Trainer, Upon Agreement

Executive Assimilation & Coaching, 1.5 days

Team Development & Assessment

Effective teams have certain common characteristics. Organizational Performance can be increased through the use of teams – but only if certain conditions are in place. Let us help you to identify the current status of your team and together we will identify specific factors related to overall team effectiveness.                                                                                                                                    

Successful Teams are constructed in an optimal way.

Individual Development - Personal Effectiveness

Professional Telephone Skills

Customer Service

Time Management

Presentation Skills

Managing Conflicts

Work Life Balance

Communication Basics

Cultural Awareness in Customer Service