MSc. Psych. Katerina Duskova       


Katerina or how her friends call her, Katka is a people person.
This fits well with the topic she has chosen to study – Psychology. One can follow many routes as a Certified Psychologist, but being passionate about helping others to a better, healthier life gave Katka only one direction: to work as a Clinical Psychologist and soon becoming focused in Clinical Research.

Attention to detail is one of her strengths and is perfectly suitable for the work in the scientific area when sensitive clinical data need to be handled.
However, working alone, analysing and processing data in the background, Katka’s favourite aspect of being closely connected to people – talking to them, understand their point of view and being challenged when trying to find suitable solutions for their troubles - was put aside a bit.
Since she had realized how she missed the close connection to human beings on daily basis, she decided to combine this need with her work. Clinical monitoring and her desire for communication with people naturally led her next steps to the area of Learning and Development. This area became her work passion.
Besides clinical monitoring and training in clinical research, Katka has got an experience with general development of individuals and teams involved in Clinical Research (Investigators, Project Teams, Newcomers, Managers and Talents) across, but not only, European countries.
Katka graduated in 1999 at Psychology faculty of Charles University in Prague and possess also certification in mediation.

Katka Private:
My private balance is coming from the smooth and happy flow at home. Since I am a proud mother of 4 years old twins and our little house with garden seems to me lonely without flowers and animals, my days are typically busy with routines around children, dogs, birds or fishes, eventually with less expected events when more family members are involved in the particular investigation.
My work, talking to friends, reading books, walking in the nature and discovering new cultures and countries enables me to take the family management with a good portion of humour.