Clinical Research School

Learning COMpass provides with it's Clinical Research School Training and Developmental Support for Professionals involved in Clinical Research.
Our approach is practical, build on personal experience in Monitoring of Global Clinical Trials
as well as Training & Development of involved personnel -- from Project Team Members to Investigational Site Staff.

What is Clinical Research and why is it needed?

This is a question people who are new to the area usually ask. Many of us associate the term ‘Research’ with activities discovering

something new, unknown and in general beneficial for the human progress. When we hear that ‘Clinical Research’ relates to similar

activities with involvement of Human Beings our curiosity of that meaning rises immediately.

This happens for good reasons. We do want that every patient, including ourselves, when necessary, receives a safe drug and that

the treatment brings improved quality of life.

And this is exactly what is the aim of Clinical Research – to develop, conduct and evaluate Clinical Trials/Studies which collect

accurate data about a newly discovered substance with the potential to become a new or better treatment for all who may need it,

and at the same time to ensure that the rights and well-being of the people participating in clinical trials are protected.

The new substance has been extensively tested in the laboratory before a Clinical Trial is conducted, helping to answer the question

whether the treatment is effective for patients.

Clinical Research Professionals are looking for new, safe and more effective approaches in the treatments and better ways to help patients.