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Clinical Research School by Learning COMpass

Training for Clinical Research & Pharma Industry

Professional management of clinical trials is the key in shortening the time of drug development and maximizing ROI. Patients are expecting a safe drug which will be available to them as early as possible. Clinical Research School equips your staff with necessary knowledge and skills in Clinical monitoring focusing on Best Practices and Quality.

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Management, Team & Personal Development


Developing managers, their teams and each individual contributes to the success of the whole organization. Business Results are closely linked to the accomplishments required of People working in your company. Optimizing management/team performance and achievement of business goals are the desired outcomes which support your Strategy. Our goal is to ensure Alignment among all Factors affecting performance.

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Consultancy & other services

Respecting the needs of each Customer.

Whether you need to assess and optimize the Effectiveness of your Organization, engage your staff  conduct and deliver services with highest Quality or develop and implement Curricula and multigeographic solutions - LearningCOMpass will support you in finding the solution which fits your specific requirements.
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Learning COMpass

provides Training and Consultancy Services to support Learning

and Professional Development in Business environment.


Innovative learning methods with a focus on behavioral impact guarantee

Development with lasting Influence & maximum Return on Investment.

Trained by Professionals with 20+ Years of practical Experience

(incl. Operations) in Development of Individuals and Teams.

      Professionally operating people ensure  Competitive Advantage  for any business area.